The template below is populated with examples. Edit it to fit your needs. The times are not suggestions for what you should do or what should work for you.

Outline your life roles to start, this will help you identify your priorities so you know how to budget your time.

Gratitude Journal

Your Gratitude Journal lives in the page below. Click on the page to get started or use another app or even a physical notebook!


Cory Muscara - Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker, Coach |

Grateful Duo

Wild Words: Rituals, Routines, and Rhythms for Braving the Writer's Path

Six styles of journaling to write your way through the pandemic

Color Legend

<aside> ⚠️ Adjust the colors or category titles to fit your life roles


Self Care

Personal Identity


Volunteer / Giving Back / Flex

Life Roles

<aside> ⚠️ Example roles include, caretaker, parent, business owner, boss, manager, friend, creator, artist, musician, you name it. You are what is most important to you.


Healthy Person

What do I do as a healthy person?


What do I do as a partner?


What do I do as a [Volunteer]?


What do I do as a worldly person?

Friend & Family Member

What do I do as a friend & family member?


What do I do as a [Career / title]?